• Pillow Talk II
    Passion is like fashion; every couple of months you’ve got to switch it up to stay fresh…
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  • God of Sun / Son of God
    "Don't accept the remnants, Seek the source"
  • Addicted To These Dreams
    My sustenance is ambition, my nutrition is hope...
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  • From bedstuy to b.i.g.
    How many biggies do you see? Here's a hint, look closely at the shirt...
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  • BK X Wu Tang
    The 20th Anniversary of Wu Tang's classic "36 Chambers"
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  • BK X DALI "Hallucinogenic Bankers"
    What if Salvador Dali was born in 1983 instead of 1904?
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  • Reclining Nudes
    An ode to Marcel Duchamp's cubist benchmark "Nude Descending a Staircase"
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  • Puzzled Love
    Looking in all the wrong places...
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  • How To Move In A Room Full of Vultures
    I adore the suits who see my sweats and think my mind is soft like the fabric
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  • The Ghost of Hottentot Venus
    She haunts our music, our culture, and most importantly our youth's minds...
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