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  1. i LOVE YOUR ART!! I wanted to know how i could purchase the GOD OF SUN / SON OF GOD painting, or a print out of it.

    • Dennis
    • 05/29/2014

    i would like to know if you have prints of God Of Son,Son of God and Thoughts become things. Would like to purchase. Thanks

    • Anonymous
    • 06/16/2014

    this is a true testament to symbolism! I am a freemason, and this picture speaks volumes to my craft Thanks for having the vision, and courage to familiarize yourself with the history and taking the veil off. I would love to purchase this piece from you if its for sale. Piece and Light.
    WM Chris Kelley, 32*

    • Alayna
    • 07/09/2014

    One is the True God and one is the untrue god with a little g . If you read the Old Testament there was a reason as to why Jesus was born name Emmanuel God with us . The Egyptian Kingdom was built on the backs of slaves just like America was form and still built today . And if you further more read Jesus stated long hair on a man bring shame to him . So why is Jesus always created with long hair ? But the cycle is coming again full force the prince of this world is cometh and that’s why Egyptian knowledge is coming back more so than before the days of Noah are here . People are getting brainwashed and spirits are infusing the minds . I’m a believer it’s a choice it’s also an act . To be believe in something is to act of it because Faith without works is dead . A lot of people believe in a god because they were taught to but as they get older they quote on quote ( think) for themselves when all they are doing is researching what someone else wrote and not experiencing the True God for themselves . The bible speak against religion , religion is just doing the day to day act without believing In The God behind it . No I believe because I have seen . Who shall be saved not to the wise the strongest or the swiftest but the one who will endure till the end . I can days with the piece with you but I Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.

    • marley
    • 07/29/2014

    when will this be available for purchase

    • BK
    • 01/10/2015

    Prints are now available! CLICK HERE

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