Go matter.

Everyone wants to be proud about who they are and where they come from. It’s a basic human function. Part of the beauty of humanity is the diversity of cultures and races around the world. The tastes. The sounds. The colors. All of these beautiful shapes and sizes and shades we come in. We have turned the most precious part of our existence into its most painful point of conflict.

But I have a very hard question for you. It’s one you don’t hear often. One of those taboo sentences rarely uttered and even more rarely answered. That’s because the answer can get really ugly if you stay close to the truth.

What is white pride? Seriously, what is that. If you look at your skin and looks like mine, how can you be proud of our history? Because in my opinion white pride equates to being proud of the worst parts of humanity’s history book. Let me explain why.

I don’t care where you start, pick any point in history and start there. Go backwards and forwards. In both directions you’ll find an instance of white people oppressing others. I promise. White imperialist powers colonized the world and while doing so stole art, music, medicine, science, knowledge and religion. Then they erased the evidence so they could write their name on it. If you dispute this fact you need more education. Type it in, Google’s your friend bro. Start with the Moors.

We live in a global system of white supremacy. It’s obvious to see. We teach false history in our schools. We teach hate in our homes. No child is born with hate. WE TEACH THAT. How else do you explain a young black girl picking the white doll because she says the black dolls are ugly? My god, what have we done in creating a world where a such a young mind sees like that? Do you think it’s an accident that we now laugh at South Pole, but will drop a paycheck on Gucci? How our athletes, artists, and entertainers are predominantly black yet most of the owners of the labels, teams, and studios are white? It’s a vicious circle. We give freedom, finances and progression in increments so it can be carefully curated to always come back to the old white wealth. It’s still a minstrel show. We just put logos on it.

In every culture in every corner of the globe lighter skin is seen as more desirable and darker members of the society are treated drastically different. It is natural for an oppressed people to emulate their rulers. Everyone wants power and to rule; so if that’s what this world has seen then that’s what this world knows. It is so built into our psyche that it’s getting dangerously close to becoming a basic human function.

Why does white skin seem to have no accountability built in? It’s always “Well, it’s not my fault either”, well, I guess common sense isn’t a default feature. It’s always “That was so long ago I wasn’t around”, ok well you’re here now what are you doing about it? If you weren’t alive and had no part in it, then why do you have such a problem with stating the truth? You’ve exonerated yourself from responsibility already so you should have no issues with these facts. Things are not equal. It’s deeper than “just do better”. A black president doesn’t change the black precedent of being treated by history like they weren’t even present.

I don’t think you can be proud of being white. At least not historically. We need to redefine what “white pride” is because of what we’ve done with “white power”. I have a few humble suggestions. For me it starts with doing something now to counteract what our ancestors did. We have to build something new to be proud of. When our country ignites in the flames of hate and racism and our social feeds are littered with spears from both sides, white people suddenly feel their skin and they get scared. The moment a Caucasian has to deal with the fact that they could be a victim of hate for their reflection has to sobering.

Well, our black, brown, yellow and red brothers and sisters feel it every day. They are being reduced to hashtags. At this point I think being silent is almost as bad as being racist. I feel their struggle like so many of us do. I also feel the call to fight on behalf of what is right. We have to do something. We can be the catalyst for the push that finally rectifies the human condition for everyone. We owe it to the movement because we occupy the positions of power to affect actual change. That is something we could be proud of.

My father is a retired Baltimore police sergeant. What happened in Dallas in despicable. But so is the spate of oppression that people of color have dealt with since we started recording our histories. Both are directly the cause and effect of the other. It is heartbreaking to see so much sorrow. No one should die. We are all fed up with seeing these videos. My heart goes out to everyone who is living with the pain of losing a loved one. The only thing that should die is the archaic principles of systemic oppression. Not black people or cops. The only thing that needs to die is white pride; At least until we resurrect it in truth and make it something worth representing.

I think we know the truth. That’s why the majority is so afraid. I think the fear is born from knowing that the anger is warranted. Why feel the need to replace #blacklivesmatter with #alllivesmatter or #bluelivesmatter? Maybe its because you want your lives to matter too. Ok, so make it matter. Do something to be proud of. Go matter.




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    • Tabatha Hill
    • 07/10/2016

    Extraordinarily well said. Thank you for understanding what we have been saying and feeling for so long. And thank you for giving a damn!

    • Anthony Andre
    • 09/06/2016

    You are truly inspiring. Your art has opened my mind and makes me want to change the world. Your words help me to understand my own thoughts. You are extrodinary and I am very grateful that I discovered you. You have helped shaped my mind in very positive way. Thank you

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