Kings, Queens & Jesters


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There are twelve gashes at the intersection where the future and past meet. It is a crowded and lonely place, devoid of any signs or lights to help guide your next move. On these four corners stand a King, a Queen, and a Jester, and they’re holding court in the street.


The King’s only possession is the pencil with which he draws his crown. It’s a kingdom wrapped in wood, topped with aluminum, and capped with an eraser to repair the cracks when pressure builds and the castle crumbles. No lush furs, precious gems, or magnificent fabrics adorn this King. His riches are tucked away inside; lined up on the shelves of his character.


The Queen has all of her jewels stacked safely behind thick brick walls, shielded by superficial smiles and hollow conversations. Confused and dejected from deceit, she looks for the missing piece in all the wrong places. She’s puzzled, looking for Kings in all the wrong faces. The same old record plays out in painful loops.


The Jester is a cunning individual well versed in the intricacies of deception and disguise. Master opportunists shaded by lenses of lust mistaken for love, they can be found in the rubble of every King’s crumbled castle. They helped lay the mortar for every brick that protects the precious Queen. The saddest part is, they used to be Kings and Queens themselves. Monarchs no more, the same old record plays out in painful loops.


The problem is no one wears their crown anymore. The Kings cant find the Queens. The Queens don’t believe Kings exist. The Jesters bring roses, leave bruises, and keep stacking bricks. The Kingdom is being held intact by a string because the royalty forgot they were royal. Her wall gets higher. The King goes further inside. The cracks deepen. The crown sinks. The same old record plays out in painful loops. The first three letters are crossed out and court is almost over.


However, before the final judgement, hope remains in the unmistakeable music that comes from a genuine soul. It is not the same old record. It is inaudible to those undeserving of its melody. It rises over the highest walls, permeates the deepest cracks, and reverberates inside every gash. The notes will guide you in the right direction. Close your eyes and keep your ears open. Concentrate on the sound of your soul. Perfect your instrument, and when the time is right, it will be heard.


Product Details




Archival prints on industry leading Breathing Color™ media. These open editions (unless otherwise specified) are now available in assorted sizes.


• Canvas prints that ship rolled can be traditionally framed or stretched upon delivery


• All prints that ship rolled (paper & canvas) include a 2″ white border for you to frame or stretch upon delivery


• Canvas prints that are stretched are delivered as an assembled painting using 1.5″ deep gallery bars, and feature a mirrored edge on all sides


• All canvas prints (stretched & rolled) are varnished for added protection and durability.





Original works of art come signed with a certificate of authenticity. These are one of a kind pieces hand painted by the artist.





Media Information


Archival Art Paper

Breathing Color™ Pura Velvet


• 100+ years archival certification
• The highest quality textured fine art paper on the market
• Incredible detail & resolution
• Eye-popping color gamut & Max
• 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper
• 100% cotton fiber , acid and lignin free.


Pura Velvet is a proprietary mouldmade fine art paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind.


Pura Velvet is ideally suited for luxurious fine art and photographic reproduction, portraits, greeting cards, post cards, and presentational art graphics for printed displays.



Fine Art Canvas

Breathing Color™ Lyve 


• Fine Art will never be the same again. Lyve is the highest quality canvas on the market
• Premium matte canvas. archival certified. OBA-Free.
• Incredible detail & resolution
• Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax


Unleashed in May 2009 under the bold mantra “Go Live with Lyve”, the award-winning Lyve™ Canvas is taking the printmaking industry by storm. With eye-popping color gamut and dmax, coupled with critical archival certification and the ability to apply a laminate hassle-free, it sets a new standard of exceptionalism in fine art and photographic printmaking. Internally, we refer to this masterful blend of artistry and engineering as “the game changer” that will capture every nuance in your images. The Lyve™ Canvas is a 19 mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating.



Limited Edition Face-mounted Plexiglass

Signed and Numbered with Certificate of Authenticity


• Edition of 10 hand signed by the artist
• Acrylic Print made with thick, ¼-inch, 99.9% Framers grade acrylic
• Additional 1/4″ black cintra backing for extra longevity and protection against moisture and handling.




Additional Information


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Q: <strong>How long until I get my artwork? </strong>
— Asked on 04/28/2015
A: Most orders will ship within 3 business days of your order. However, please allow up to 7 business days for production/delivery time. If you need something in a rush, please send an email to make arrangements.
Q: <strong>I want a piece or size that I don't see listed?</strong>
— Asked on 04/28/2015
A: Custom sizes and requests are welcome. Please send an email with details of what you're looking for.
Q: <b>Do you ship international?</b>  
— Asked on 04/28/2015
A: Yes, we charge a $50 International Flat Rate.

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