The Last Few Weeks

Some of the greatest clay that ever molded a man

Finally cracked when Ali passed away

The impact of his life silenced us just long enough

For his shadow to cast long doubts on our role models

As we stood in the crater of a fearlessly imperfect black muslim man

We remembered love 


But we weren’t there long

The deafening pulse of terror blew out our eardrums

A haunting metronome of the world on edge rang out on two shores

Beating and building pressure behind our eyes forcing them wide open

As we stood in blood under palm trees looking for rainbows

We remembered hate 


Then Jessie stood up and reminded us of magic

As the greatest colonial power in history pulled off its own disappearing act

The irony of desired sovereignty looks a couple hundred years too late

You didn’t let anyone in Africa vote to leave you in 1710 did’ya mate?

Meanwhile america salivates over Trump like its been a 200 year wait

As we sit here typing hashtags with new names and new cities and new states

We’re reminded to remember hate


But these last three days are too much for me

Im gonna have to come back to this after some of this anger seeps out of me

Words are very powerful and I know my responsibility

That’s why its taken some time for me to get the disgust off my fingers to even touch these keys.

I don’t have the words or the acumen to articulate it all

Its the 4th stanza and I’ve given up on being clever, format, punctuation and all

I feel guilty in this chair writing words knowing I’m blessed

While in one week fourteen men have bullets in their chest

Seven people died but this NBA free agency is live

Two because of their skin and five because of the badge on their chest

And so many people are hurting I could go on forever

Sometimes putting paint on canvas feels pointless

and all these words I just put together can’t fix any of this, not now or ever

And I wonder if I should even post this, whatever.


Pay attention to this collection of recent events and you’ll start to see the hidden intention

The people need a champion but we’re knocking each other out.


I only know one thing.

Go head grip up clip up get up and gather all the hate you want

All of it will always lose to Love. Promise you that.

My heart is so heavy for everyone. I am truly so sorry.

  • BK
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    • Eccentric
    • 07/14/2016

    Deep, family… I appreciate the time you took to post this.


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