Unbutton that mind

You think I want to undress your body

But I’d like to unbutton that mind

So before I reach for your jeans

Let me slowly unzip your heart
I know, I know

One zipper might be quicker
But I’ve no interest in rushing through a skinny book

If I’m going to read it has to be a novel

The epic tale sticking out on the shelf

With the velvet dust jacket and the linen hardcover

You can’t miss her…Her spine is gold and she sits a bit thicker
Because I care not for the naked defined by unclothed skin
After all you were gifted with the wrapper

And I’ll admit it is the finest paper

Sealed in gorgeous satin ribbon

Topped with a luxurious bow
I know, I know
But It’s not a present if there’s no presence

Inside the pretty box that you came in

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